Allow Me to Introduce Myself

My name is Annie Cushing, and Annielytics is my brainchild. You may be wondering to yourself, What exactly is an Annielytics? The term actually started as a joke on Twitter and kind of stuck because my name is Annie, and I really grok on data, especially web analytics data. It's almost as if I became one with data.

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Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible if this song is now stuck in your head.

Services I Offer


I leverage my 20+ years experience in marketing and editorial to provide consulting services in SEO, analytics, and general marketing. Your business deserves it.


If you're a marketer who wants to learn more about how to work with Google Analytics and create sexy data in Excel using Google Analytics API data, you will love my Annielytics Dashboard Course video course.


I provide both site and analytics audits to help you ensure the measurement systems and protocols are doing your marketing efforts justice.

Competitive Analyses

Looking to see how your site compares to your competitors? I compile quick wins and longer-term marketing strategies that have gotten results for your competitors.


I also offer one- to two-hour consultations. The way this works is you have an hour to two hours of my time to ask whatever you want.

White-Labeled Services

Are you an agency or consultant with clients who need site and analytics audits? I provide white-labeled audits and competitive analyses at significant discounts.

Annielytics Dashboard Course

The Annielytics Dashboard Course was originally a three-day seminar that — due to pretty outrageous demand from marketers who couldn’t travel to a seminar — is now a 16-hour online course that will teach you how to leverage the Google Analytics API to create sexy reporting dashboards in Excel.
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Below is a short overview of some of the skills you will learn in the course.

Site Audit Template

I created a self-guided site audit checklist and template that walks you through how to do a site audit — in both English and Spanish.

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This template is a formatted Word document that takes advantage of features like styles, explainer images, and an interactive ToC.


The audit template leaves no stone unturned. It covers 18 categories of marketing issues with a total of 156 checkpoints, in both English and Spanish.


No prior knowledge of the skills required to do the audit are required. I wrote the steps so that even a junior-level marketer could understand them.


While an audit of this depth would cost from $5k to $20k, you can get the template for $195. Comes with step-by-step instructions.

Hundreds of Tools for Marketers

This free Google Doc is divided into 14 categories of tasks marketers have to do every day. I let you know if a tool is free, paid, or free with an optional upgrade.

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