Why Google Analytics’ User Metrics Are BS [For Most Sites]

TL;DR: User/visitor-based KPIs have never reflected actual users. They’ve only ever reflected clients (IOW, the combination of device and browser you visited the site from), making reporting on them a waste of pixels. Continuing my series on dimensions in Google Analytics, I want to address the most misunderstood of them all: the User Type dimension. This dimension […]

Best Tool To Master Dimensions And Metrics In Google Analytics

I’m kicking off a new series of posts where I highlight different dimensions in Google Analytics. And I thought of no better way to start than to share my go-to tool any time I’m stuck on which dimension or metric to use. It’s actually published by Google in their resource for developers. I know what you’re thinking […]

The Annielytics Dashboard Course Is Live!

I’ll keep this brief. As I predicted in this post, the Annielytics Dashboard Course is now live! We’ve been working around the clock to take the footage from my last live seminar and bring it online. What Drove Me I’m not going to repeat what I’ve already written at length in my last blog post […]