Why Google Analytics’ User Metrics Are BS [For Most Sites]

TL;DR: User/visitor-based KPIs have never reflected actual users. They’ve only ever reflected clients (IOW, the combination of device and browser you visited the site from), making reporting on them a waste of pixels. Continuing my series on dimensions in Google Analytics, I want to address the most misunderstood of them all: the User Type dimension. This dimension […]

How To Use The SUMIF And SUMIFS Functions To Build Dynamic Dashboards [VIDEO]

In today’s #FunctionFriday post we’re going to look at how the SUMIF and SUMIFS functions can be used to build out interactive dashboards like the ones below I just added to my dashboard course for subscribers to apply to their data.   Note: If you want to reanimate the images, just refresh the page with a […]

Best Tool To Master Dimensions And Metrics In Google Analytics

I’m kicking off a new series of posts where I highlight different dimensions in Google Analytics. And I thought of no better way to start than to share my go-to tool any time I’m stuck on which dimension or metric to use. It’s actually published by Google in their resource for developers. I know what you’re thinking […]