Announcing the Annielytics Affiliate Program

Annielytics affiliate program

After six weeks of focusing on my site redesign (yay!) and setting up my Annielytics Affiliate Program, I can proudly announce that it’s here! If you’ve ever sold a home, that’s how setting this up felt. It was a great opportunity to get my house in order and in the best shape possible for my potential affiliates.

I’ve actually had the program set up for a few weeks, but then a few weeks ago I watched a course on affiliate marketing in preparation — mostly to make sure I crossed all my T’s and dotted all my I’s. It was the best thing I could have done. The instructor shared what potential affiliates should look for in a program and common mistakes, and I knew I wasn’t ready.

So I embarked on a site redesign and also redesigned my main landing pages to make sure affiliates were sending traffic to pages that were designed to convert customers. I also created promotional videos and added them to my landing pages and made them available to affiliates after hearing about how video creatives convert much better than text and images.

Needless to say, getting my site affiliate ready has felt a lot like getting pulled through the keyhole backwards, but I wanted to make sure it was as conversion friendly as possible. And now that it’s behind me I can focus my efforts on providing more resources for marketers. That’s what I love doing most and miss getting to focus on. I have an editorial schedule hammered out of blog posts I plan to pound out and resources I plan to add to the site.


Here are a few of the benefits of being an Annielytics affiliate:

40% Commission on All Product Sales

My products — currently my Annielytics Dashboard Course and my site audit template — range from $95 to $1295, with an average product cost of $470. And I will be adding more products to this list.

Collection of Banner, Video, and Text Creatives

The Annielytics affiliate comes with a full collection of banner, video, and text creatives for you to use as ads or in blog posts. (I offered the promo videos that you see on the landing pages linked to in the previous section to affiliates to use on their site.) I have a pretty solid collection of banners on the ShareASale site, but if you need a custom one, just reach out to me via my Contact page. I’ll try to accommodate as many requests as possible.

Proven Affiliate Management System

Before launching the program, I asked my friends who I really respect in the affiliate space which affiliate program they recommend most. Across the board, they all said ShareASale. It has a reputation for taking care of affiliates with an easy-to-manage program.

Learn More

To learn more about the Annielytics Affiliate Program, check out my affiliate page.

Huge Shoutouts

I would have been absolutely lost without the assistance of two great friends and super-smart affiliate managers, Jessica Frick (of CopyBlogger) and Adam Riemer. Jess threw me a life preserver when I was drowning in the minutia of setting up an affiliate, and she helps me every time I break Rainmaker with my endless site tweaking and hacked-up CSS skills! And Adam reached out to me to offer assistance in optimizing my ShareASale account to protect good affiliates from some of the slimier practices of disreputable ones. I am indebted to both of these amazing marketers! Thanks, guys!

wind beneath wings



Annielytics Dashboard Course Comes to SMBs

Annielytics Dashboard Course for SMBs

As many of you know I recently published a DIY, self-guided audit template. Although I know I could have easily charged over $1,000 for this 140-page checklist and template — replete with boilerplate text and 90+ explainer images — I decided to offer it at a rock-bottom price of $195. Some colleagues thought I was crazy, but I decided when I produced it that I wanted to get this into the hands of small- to mid-size business owners and startups, who would never be afford a site audit that generally costs between $5 – $20k.

Robin Hood

Affordable Dashboard Course Options for SMBs

That experience triggered a bit of a Robin Hood reaction in me, and I started to think about how I could do the same thing with my dashboard course. You walk a fine line when you reduce the price on a product people have already bought for full price, so I thought though if there was any way I could trim the course down to the most popular features to justify slashing the price.

New Lite Course: $295

And that’s exactly what I did. I removed the weekly office hours but kept everything else. So you still get access to all of the videos, the workbook, the Excel practice file, the Analytics Canvas files, and all three dashboards that you can easily apply to your data. That allowed me to offer an overhauled lite version for $295.

You can still buy the basic course and get 40 weeks of access to me for one hour every week. Office hours are offered Sundays at 3pm Eastern Time. This is because I have customers all over the world, and the feedback I received early on was people couldn’t attend office hours during their workday. Since a one-hour hangout with me is $200, this is an $8,000 value. (I’ve yet to have more than two attendees at a time, and they have been able to ask me anything; there are no restrictions on the topics of these office hours.)

By the end of the course you will be able to build dynamic dashboards that update with a single click of a button and look like the ones below:

Mini Courses: $95

For those who just want to learn Google Analytics or just Excel for marketers, you can also purchase a mini course at $95 each. For the Google Analytics mini course, you’ll have access to that part of the workbook, as well as 6+ hours of Google Analytics videos. And for the Excel course, you’ll have access to the Excel portions of the workbook, the charting practice file we went through, and 6+ hours of Excel videos.

Guided Course: $995

Since the Guided Course has been a popular option because of the four hours of personalized instruction, I didn’t want to do away with it. But I did reduce the price by removing the office hours option, which allowed me to reduce the price by $1,000.

Learn More

I’m not going to make this a sales page. You can learn all of the details about the updated course options on the updated pricing page.


A Sneak Peek At Google Webmaster Tools’ New Sexy Search Analytics Report [VIDEO]

Google Webmaster Tools Search Analytics report
Click for larger image

Google Webmaster Tools just released an alpha version of its new Search Analytics report, which will replace the current Search Queries report. And I’ve got to tell you, it is super sexy.

My Favorite Improvements

There are so many cool features with this new report, it just begged a video walkthrough. But I do want to also highlight a few of my favorite features.

Page Filter

I begged for this feature in my feedback Google added a filter when I gave my feedback on the Search Impact report, and I couldn’t be happier for this addition. Currently, there’s a filter for queries but not for URLs, which makes me so stabby when I have to flip through pages of reports until I get to the URL I’m trying to zero in on.

Google Webmaster Tools filters
Click for larger image


But now we have one! And the [really nerdy] crowd [of search marketers] goes WILD!

Google Webmaster Tools Search Analytics report URL filter
Click for larger image

Separation of Search Type and Devices

Currently both the Search Queries and Top Pages tabs offer a Search filter with the options of All, Image, Mobile, Video, and Web — with a default filter of Web applied, which you can see below.

Google Webmaster Tools Search Analytics report Top Pages web filter
Click for larger image

But watch what happens when I take the same report and change the filter to Mobile:

Google Webmaster Tools Search Analytics report mobile filter
Click for larger image

The fact that we had so many more impressions and clicks for Mobile left us to conclude that Web = Desktop. But that didn’t make sense. With the new Search Analytics report, Google has separated out Search Type and Devices.

Remember the song “Which one of these is not like the others?” from Sesame Street? Mobile is that option. It just didn’t belong.

Now, under Search Type, you can choose Web, Image, or Video. Much better.

Google Webmaster Tools Search Analytics report search type filter
Click for larger image


And under Devices, you can choose Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet.

Google Webmaster Tools Search Analytics report device type filter
Click for larger image

Perfect. And this aligns better with the segmentation options you have in Google Analytics.

Filter Interactivity

My favorite thing about this new report is that when you choose a filter, that filter remains intact when you select other segments or filters. So you can create a hearty filter stack, which I demonstrate in the screenshot below and the video. It will make much more sense when you watch the video.

Google Webmaster Tools Search Analytics report
Click for larger image

And take note in the screenshot above the comparison option we now have under the Devices filter. <datagasm>


You can check out the walkthrough of this pretty amazing report below.

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How To Use Chrome’s Mobile Emulator To Get Your Site Mobile Friendly [VIDEO]

Chrome Developer Tools Mobile Emulation

Google is obviously taking mobile more seriously. With plans to turn up the dial on mobile as a ranking signal, site owners are scrambling to prepare for the update.

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate, in simple terms, how marketers and developers can use the Mobile Emulation Tool in Chrome Developer Tools to preview their site on any mobile device. (I really try to avoid geek speak as much as possible in these demos.)

A Few Highlights

Provides Impressive Selection of Devices

You can see from the screenshot below (which still isn’t exhaustive) just how many mobile devices, tablets, and notebooks you have to choose from.

mobile devices in Chrome Mobile Emulator tool

User Agent Updates with Device

As you can see in the screenshot below, the user agent actually updates to match the device you’ve selected.

mobile user agent in Chrome Mobile Emulation tools - Chrome Developer Tools

I demonstrate in the video how you can confirm this using Google Analytics’ Real Time reports.

Hover Events Replaced with Touch Events

When you turn on the Mobile Emulator Tool, Chrome emulates touch events. So instead of a cursor that turns into the iconic hand to indicate a hover event, your cursor is a dot that you can click and drag to replicate touch-and-drag motions on a mobile device.

mouse emulator in Chrome Developer Tools
And if you hold down the Shift key it will turn into a four-headed arrow and will replicate zoom events (via pinch motions) as you click and drag.

zoom emulation in Chrome Developer Tools Mobile Emulator

Enables Interaction with Media Queries

Media queries (set in a site’s CSS) determine how your adjusts to different viewports (total geek speak for the viewable area of a device)  — provided, of course, your site is responsive and actually updates to different viewports.

You can easily view how your site is programmed to look in different devices.

media query emulator in Crhome
Click for larger image

And if you right-click on any of these colored segments (I explain the difference in the colors in the video), you can view the code in the Sources tab and even update it.

preview media queries in Chrome Developer Tools' Sources tab
Click for larger image

Pro Tip: 
Any time you see the curly brackets below a CSS or JavaScript file you’re previewing in the Sources tab, you should click on it. It will make minified CSS and JavaScript much easier to read, as you can see in the image below.

beautify CSS and JavaScript in Chrome Developer Tools
Click for larger image (animated)

Full Chrome Developer Tools Editing Ability

Just as with Chrome Developer Tools for desktop, you can modify anything on the page and view the changes in real time (e.g., CSS, JavaScript, HTML, etc).

modify CSS using Mobile Emulator in Chrome Developer Tools
Click for larger image (animated)


Check out these features and more in the video below.


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How to Remove Duplicates in Google Sheets Using the UNIQUE Function [VIDEO]

push duplicate data out of your sheets

Google Sheets doesn’t have a Remove Duplicates option, like Excel does. However, you can still use Google Sheets for your duplicate data removal needs! In this video, I’ll show you how to remove duplicate values from a list in Google Sheets using the UNIQUE function. I really wish Excel had this function.

Two other mad-cool Google Sheets functions to check out (that I also wish Excel offered) are the JOIN and SPLIT functions.

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