How To Use Google Fusion Tables: A Simple Guide For Marketers [VIDEO]

My Initial Hesitancy with Fusion Tables I’ve been aware of Google’s Fusion Tables for a couple years but used to be a little leery of them. They used to also make your data publicly available by default, with no warning that the data you were submitting would be publicly available. And after seeing an email provider’s full […]

How to Manage Email with Boomerang, a Plugin for Gmail [VIDEO]

In this video, I’ll give a quick overview of my favorite plugin for Gmail, Boomerang. Here are some of the ways this plugin can help you to manage email: Sends emails back to your inbox after a certain amount of time Sends emails back to your inbox for set reasons, like no reply after two days Schedules emails to send at a specific date […]

How to Use the Mozbar to Easily View Page Metadata [VIDEO]

In this video, I’ll show how to find page metadata, such as the page title and description, along with everything under the page analysis section of the Mozbar. Some of the areas explained include: On-Page Elements General Attributes Link Metrics Markup HTTP Status To see more examples of how I’ve used the Mozbar for YourTango, check out […]