How To Get More Than 500 Rows From Google Analytics Reports

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UPDATE: Google Analytics now gives you up to 5000 rows, so you don’t need to do this trick unless you have > 5,000 rows in a report. Thanks, Goog!

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Google shut this down, so this hack no longer works. Thanks, Goog … :/

When you create a report in Google Analytics (GA), the interface limits you to 500 rows. You can get around that limit though. Your browser will probably give out before you hit the limit of rows you can export from a GA report. Mine normally starts coughing up blood at about 30,000 rows.

But here’s what to do:

Step 1: Change the Show rows drop-down in the bottom-right corner of your report from 10 to 25.

Google Analytics show rows drop-down menu

Step 2: Take note of how many line items you need to export. In the example of the screenshot above, we would need at least 6001, although I usually include extra for good measure.

Step 3: Look at very end of the report URL. You’ll see table.rowCount%3D25/. Change that 25 to however many rows you need and press Enter (Mac: Return).

Step 4: Click Export > CSV from the top drop-down menu.



Image by Alan Cheek


  1. George Phillip says

    Hey Annie, awesome tip, thanks. GA has been killing me when trying to export large datasets.

  2. Peter Kirwan says

    I ran into the 100 row limit for the Trackback report. Tried the old hack and at first I thought it had worked as I could specify say 1 or 3 rows. Tried going over 100 and it seemed to stop at 100 though

  3. Lejin says

    There seems to be a new cap set at 5000 rows for export now. This method doesn’t seem to work. Any updates on this?

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