List Of Mobile Device Screen Resolutions

screen resolutions in Google Analytics

I had to get down and dirty with Google Analytics this week to analyze how mobile users were faring on a client’s site. Spotting an anomaly in the data, figuring out what was causing the issue came down to screen resolution. I came across a site with a comprehensive list and, of course, scraped it into a Google Doc. :)

You can view the list of devices, sorted by brand and model on the original site or use this Google Doc:

Here’s a GA custom report I created to help me analyze the traffic. You can modify the report to meet your needs.


  • Gerry White

    Great link, but why (not just in this link) but everywhere is iPhone mis-reporting – this is clearly a reporting thing rather than a device thing – I know that there is some javascript and CSS hacks to get a different pixel density rather than just resolution …

    • Annie Cushing

      Good question. And one I don’t have an answer to, unfortunately.

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