Give Your Data an Extreme Makeover

Annie Cushing on making data sexy

I had the privilege of speaking at SMX Advanced today in Seattle with other data aficionados. I took a slightly different approach (for me at least) and addressed the psychological reasons we, as marketers, need to sexy up our data if we want people to, you know, actually ACT on it.

So here’s the Slideshare presentation:

And here’s the bundle with all the links I shared in the presentation.


  1. Lee L Kennedy says

    Came here from Love that post, and I especially love this presentation!

    The idea of keeping reports simple and intuitive so clients use their Automatic Brain instead of their Reflective Brain is really smart. I feel like I’ve subconsciously known that but, until now, didn’t know how to put it into words. Should help me a lot in justifying to the boss my seemingly pointless reporting formatting! Thank you!

  2. Mario T Arruda says

    Dear Annie , congratulations , a very good presentation and funny. I came across from your article about Office MAC 2011 and PivotTables/Charts (bug). Office for MAC sometimes &^&*, but I refuse to work with Microsoft OS. Already bookmarked your page and going to follow closely.

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