How To Create Pivot Tables In Excel [VIDEO]

video tutorial for pivot tables in Excel

By popular demand, I’ve created a video walk through of how to create and customize pivot tables. If you haven’t use pivot tables, they are especially useful in large data dumps exports, such as those you get from analytics applications like Google Analytics, Screaming Frog exports, and link reports (e.g., Open Site Explorer, Majestic, and Ahrefs).

Why? Because you can easily move data in and out of your pivot table, which is especially useful in forensic data dives, where you’re trying to diagnose an issue with a site.

What’s Covered In The Video

I cover how to:

  • prepare your data by formatting as a table
  • insert the pivot table
  • structure your data in columns and rows
  • move around values
  • layer row labels
  • customize pivot table labels (the easy way)
  • group data in columns or rows, e.g., dates by month, quarter, or year
  • include multiple values without trashing your pivot table
  • insert a report filter drop-down menu
  • change the report layout to one that’s less cramped

The Video

Download File

If you want to follow along, you can download the Excel file I used in this video. There’s a tab with the raw dataset, as well as one with the final pivot table.

Learn More

You have several options to learn more:

  • Marcin Lejman

    A fantastic overview of pivot tables. I use them a lot in my keyword research projects but your step by step explanations still come handy. Thanks for your effort!

    • Annie Cushing

      You’re very welcome! Hope you were able to glean something new.

  • Chris Gregory

    Just what I was looking for. Thanks so much.

    • Annie Cushing

      My pleasure!

  • Bill Bean

    One of my greatest regrets in life was not mastering Excel early. It’s on my list of things to learn this year along with Spanish. Pivot Tables are still “over my head”, but your video just became a training session for me. Thanks for doing this!

    • Annie Cushing

      They’re really not as scary as they seem once you get in there and start just dragging and dropping. Pinky promise. :)

  • Will

    Thank you for writing this Annie! I know I’ll be using this as a resource :) Loved this as a refresher for Pivot tables – you make it seem so darn easy!

    • Annie Cushing

      That’s because it is! :)

  • Abby Shuler

    Thank you Annie! And I lub the Kitteh!

    • Annie Cushing

      Thanks! :)

  • Eli

    Thank you!

    • Annie Cushing

      You’re welcome!

  • Web Designer

    Hi Annie. I saw you at #mozcon 2013. I’ve just used this video to create a pivot chart of orders over days for a client of mine. You are Gold. Thankyou.

  • Dan Reed

    Hi Annie, thanks so much for this! Really funny that I was watching this this morning and needed to use Pivot Tables for the first time in a consultancy meeting! Thanks so much!

    • Annie Cushing

      Serendipity at its finest! :)

  • OB1KNoB

    Great video. I’ve always wanted to learn pivot tables. Thanks.

    • Annie Cushing

      There’s no turning back now. :)

  • Brenda

    Excellent video! I love the clear explanations and tips that you provide. I searched for a couple of hours looking for the best video to show the basics. I found it! I can’t wait to get to work tomorrow and begin working with pivot tables. Thank you very much!

    • Annie Cushing

      Oh man. Comments like these are always my fave! Happy to help!

  • Irina

    Hi Annie, the video is great. I tried to download the excel file but I keep getting ‘Access to this link has been disabled’ notice. Can you please enable it again.

    • Annie Cushing

      Dropbox disabled all links (, but I’ve re-enabled mine. It should work now.

      • Dale Donnolly

        Hi Annie, the files are still missing when try to open. Can this be resolved?

        • Annie Cushing

          The download works fine for me. All you have to do is click the Download button. It’s a Dropbox link.

  • Dave

    Hi Annie,
    Excellent video. Short sharp and effective! Cheers

    • Annie Cushing

      Thanks, Dave. :)

  • Annie Cushing

    Thanks, Brian! I’m so happy it’s helped you. Pivot tables are fantastic for turning raw data into actionable insights, esp if you combine them w/ pivot charts. Unfortunately, it’s only an option for PC, not Mac, but if you’re on a PC, you’re in luck.

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