Internet Marketing Industry Rallies for Former BlueGlass Employees


If you would like to add your company to the list, please fill out the form below. I’ll add them in batches. Thank you for the overwhelming response! Best. Industry. Ever.

BlueGlass employees were informed Monday afternoon that they had been terminated, leaving the BlueGlass Tampa office eerily vacant. But what did the industry do in response? Yep, they rallied in an amazing display of solidarity, with offers of jobs, hosting services, you name it.

Some BlueGlassers — like my amazing girls, Destinee and Tori — have already been scooped up by other companies. But I want all BlueGlassers to experience that! So what I hope to do in this post is corral all of the info BlueGlassers and prospective employers might need into one place.

For BlueGlassers

Here are some job listings that were shared in various places (link to Google Doc). If you want to be added to this list, fill out the form below.

For Companies Looking to Hire BlueGlassers

I asked BlueGlassers looking for jobs to provide some information about themselves so that prospective employers could easily contact them to learn more. You can find everything in this Google Doc.

If you’re a BlueGlasser looking for work but didn’t add your info before I closed the Google Doc for editing, email me at annie(at), and I’ll give you access to the doc!

Marketing Job Boards

Here are a couple job boards especially for marketers:

Inbound Marketing Jobs

Marketing Pilgrim Job Board

Submit Your Company

If you would like to add your company to the list, please fill out this form! I’ll add new companies to the list in batches.


More Info

My good friend, analytics nerd, and all-around-great-guy AdrianVender also wrote a post to help our BlueGlass friends.

Let’s hire these fine folks up!

  • Dan London

    I know of a SEM job in the Tampa Area. Just @ me via twitter

    • Annie Cushing

      Hey Dan,

      If you send me the info, I can add it to the Google Doc. It might get more visibility that way since not everyone will scroll down to the comments to see to at you. And you didn’t include a Twitter handle/link. annie(at)

  • Gyi Tsakalakis

    This is cool. Really cool.

    • Annie Cushing

      That’s our industry for ya. :)

  • Anthony Pensabene

    if any former agency peops are into the freelance scene, I work with a lot of independent people at .. hit me up, I may be able to plug in w people who need one-off or ongoing services..

    • Annie Cushing

      Thanks for the head’s up, Anthony! I love Indy Hall!

    • Brian Smith

      Anthony – how can we get in touch? My linked in profile is Thanks!

  • Benjamin Beck

    Annie, you never cease to amaze me! Going above and beyond to help others. This is awesome!

    • Annie Cushing

      Oh stahp you! It’s the mom in me. Well, the Google Docs are the geek in me. :)

  • Stephanie Weingart

    Annie, you are amazing! in NY is also hiring a lot of digital positions. Please contact me :

    • Annie Cushing

      Got ya!

  • Paisley Amoeba
    • Annie Cushing

      I need your LInkedIn profile URL. I couldn’t find you.

    • Sarah Markus

      Paisley – Let’s connect! I’m moving to the Dallas area this weekend and would be interested in learning more about the Program Manager posting!

  • Rae Hoffman

    Annie – as I had posted in the BG group, PushFire is always hiring – :)

    • Annie Cushing

      Gah! I missed that one. Sorry, Rae!

      • Rae Hoffman

        ha, no worries! :D

  • Andrew Shotland

    Thanks for including me on the list Annie. We are definitely in hiring mode, so if you’ve got SEO skills and are tired of working for the man, hit me up.

    • Annie Cushing

      You bet, Andrew!

  • Michelle Lowery

    Thanks again for doing this, Annie. You are a class act. :-)

    • Annie Cushing

      My pleasure, Michelle! Keep me posted!

  • Matthew Branson

    Wow, Annie. You have gone above and beyond for us (as have others clearly have too). It’s really touching to see so much compassion in this industry. It just reaffirms I’m in the right place. :-)

    • Annie Cushing

      This really is an amazing industry! And someone contacted me specifically about you today. Hope you land the job of your dreams soon, Matt!

      • Matthew Branson

        Aww, thanks!

  • David C. Minchala

    Yodle’s hiring. Already put a blueglasser in touch with our UX dept which has a couple open spots :)

    • Annie Cushing

      Awesome, David! If there are still openings and you would like to add it to the list, just fill out the form.

  • Claude “CodeAngry” Adrian

    This is a nice thing to do and great link bait. Beautiful combo!

    • Annie Cushing

      It wasn’t meant to be link bait. I kept the list going on my Facebook for several days, but it was getting too unwieldy.

  • Benj Arriola

    Hi Annie, I’ve already been in contact with some BG employees and just had lunch with one of them 2 days ago. But if ever there are more interested, here’s our careers page

    • Annie Cushing

      Hey Benj, could you fill out the form I added to the page? Thanks!

  • Emory Rowland

    Search Discovery is hiring skilled SEO people in Atlanta, specialist to manager levels –

    • Annie Cushing

      Hey Emory, could you fill out the form I added to the page? Thanks!

  • David Temple

    Great job opening new doors for those who unfortunately lost jobs through no fault of their own. You are a fine folk yourself!

    • Annie Cushing

      Why thank you. :)

  • Carrie Hill

    Annie – YOU are the epitome of all that is good in this industry! So proud to know such a classy lady!

    • Annie Cushing

      Aww! Thanks, Carrie! It just makes me so happy to hear BGers are connecting with prospective employers. Really hoping they all land something fast.

  • Deanna DeRosa

    Wow! Thanks again for doing this, Annie! It’s wonderful seeing how many people are willing to help the BlueGlassers and you have truly gone above and beyond with all of this. Tori and Destinee are very lucky for having a mom like you. :)

    • Annie Cushing

      Aww! It’s been my pleasure, Deanna! Hope you guys get scooped up fast. :)

  • Jon Payne

    Great stuff here Annie. I added my company to the list. Ephricon is a 15-person SEO agency just outside of Charlotte, NC. We are actively hiring right now.

  • Ashley Billman

    Just submitted a form. Slingshot SEO, based out of Indianapolis is looking to hire several employees right now in a variety of departments – consulting, digital PR, client success and sales! Would love to talk to anyone interested!

    • Annie Cushing

      I’m not by a computer, but I think it was already added.

  • FutureGeek

    This is pretty darn amazing.

    • Annie Cushing


  • webanalyticsnyc

    Cool list and great talent! Good luck to the team!

    • Annie Cushing

      Agreed! Hope they all find good homes soon.

  • Matt McGowan

    absolutely love this. the BlueGlass team is fantastic, I would vouch for pretty much anyone of them.

    • Annie Cushing

      Yes, they are, Matt.

  • benlanders

    Blue Corona is about to make the Inc. 500 (again) and we’d love to add some awesome peeps to our offices in Maryland and Charlotte, NC!!

    • Annie Cushing

      Feel free to fill out the form on the post, and I’ll add you guys to the list.

      • benlanders


  • Gregory Smith

    I too might very well be interested in going out of business for myself, and jumping on board with a marketing or seo agency. If there’s anyone interested in a very experienced, dedicated and amazing marketer, hit me up. I’ve got around 8 years experience in SEO and internet marketing..

  • dog eat dog

    Why isnt Chis Winfield on the list of BlueGlass job seekers?

  • dog eat dog

    Nobody cared when Chris fired everyone from 10e20. Funny how suddenly the SEO community cares!

  • dog eat dog

    The truth is, BlueGlass is full of ego maniacs.

    • Annie Cushing

      BlueGlass isn’t full of anything right now.

  • Doc Sheldon

    You never cease to amaze, Annie! Great of you to put this together to help these folks get settled somewhere. If I was in a position to hire, the amazing talent at BG would be a perfect place to hire from.

    • Annie Cushing

      Thanks, Doc! I hope it helps these fine folks in some way.

  • Tim Ryan

    Hey, I may be a bit late here but I am really look for an awesome talent a few hours south. I own a real estate company in Naples, FL and I need a FT SEOer. I already have a FT social & FT content writer, I need someone amazing to come up with progressive ideas. I have dozens of real estate sites in FL and looking for the right person to take the reigns. Know anyone?

    • Annie Cushing

      Hey Tim,

      I think most have found jobs by now, but who knows … There may be some still monitoring this thread. Good luck!

    • Annie Cushing

      Also, you might want to post your job on Inbound:

  • airrmedia

    This is a very good thing that you are doing. Best of luck to everyone.

    • Annie Cushing


  • Annie Cushing

    You’re on the list now. Thanks, Jon!

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