Take Credit Where Credit’s Due


Below is my presentation from SearchLove Boston. I talked about several ways marketers get ripped off from receiving credit that is due them because of damning errors in how their analytics data is being collected and reported on. And then I provide a few simple strategies on how to take that credit back.

I also shared a Google Doc (I know, I’m getting predictable) that saves you the trouble of using the URL Builder tool. You can create your own copy by visiting the doc. If you want to use this Google Doc for yourself, log in to Google, then choose File > Make a copy.

If you want to get the links shared in the presentation, you can either get them from the presentation or from this bit.ly bundle.

And that should do me on conferences for a while. Next up with be SMX Advanced, where I’ll be talking about making your data work the pole, and MozCon, where I’ll be talking about breaking up with your keyword-based KPIs. (Someone has to be the bearer of bad news!)

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To learn more strategies for claiming credit on your Google Analytics wins, check out my DIY Analytics Audit Template.


  1. finalrune says

    Annie, this was a great presentation thanks for giving it (I was at Searchlove but didn’t manage to grab you to offer thanks in person) – I think it’s worth lauding certain email providers such as MailChimp who integrate campaign tracking right into the core product and don’t make you futz around with the campaign tagging tool from Google, keeps things simple for us and gives us good data.

  2. Santosh Rajan says

    Great Slide-Share post. Exactly what I was looking for.

    What I especially appreciated were the slides on how to track Offline Campaigns. Would have loved to have attended your presentation but I have been out of Country for a while now.

    My team has been developing an Application called GitGrow which simplifies Google Analytics data. I will be sharing this post with our developers so they can understand what the key metrics are for marketing professionals who are running multiple campaigns.

    If its okay, I’d like to mail and invite you to try it out.
    I will definitely try and catch your presentations next time i am in the States.


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