Excel’s INDEX MATCH Alternative To VLOOKUP For Marketers [VIDEO]

Last week’s #FunctionFriday video tutorial covered VLOOKUP tips and techniques for marketers. This week’s video explores the INDEX MATCH alternative to VLOOKUP. Why would VLOOKUP need an understudy? Because VLOOKUPs require that the lookup column be the far-left column in your lookup data set (aka the table_array argument). The INDEX-MATCH dream team doesn’t have that […]

VLOOKUP Tips And Tricks For Marketers [VIDEO]

The VLOOKUP function in Excel is one of the most essential functions marketers need to master. It’s a staple in my tool set because it allows you to join any number of data sets, as long as they have one column in common. Sadly, as is the case with most really useful Excel techniques, it […]

How To Find Text Within Text In Excel #FunctionFriday

Update: Based on questions I’ve received, I added the Misc Notes section to the end of this post. Continuing with our #FunctionFriday series, today we’re going to explore how to use the IF, SEARCH, and ISNUMBER functions together to find text (aka a string) inside other text for classification purpose. What Excel really needs is […]

Three Marketing Examples Of The OFFSET Function [VIDEO]

Continuing with our #FunctionFriday series, today we’re going to talk about the OFFSET function. And I demonstrate three uses of the OFFSET function at the very end of the post. What Does It Do? The OFFSET function allows you to scoop up data to use in other functions. Excel gives you the ability to tell […]

21 Real-World Examples Of Concatenating Marketing Data In Excel

Hey! Welcome to another edition of #FunctionFriday! One of Excel’s Swiss army knives for marketers is the ability to concatenate things and stuff. Oh, and if you’re new to marketing geek speak, concatenate just means to stitch together. We just make words multi-syllabic so we can charge more for our services. Two Approaches Excel gives […]