How To Use The SUMIF And SUMIFS Functions To Build Dynamic Dashboards [VIDEO]

In today’s #FunctionFriday post we’re going to look at how the SUMIF and SUMIFS functions can be used to build out interactive dashboards like the ones below I just added to my dashboard course for subscribers to apply to their data.   Note: If you want to reanimate the images, just refresh the page with a […]

The INDEX Function: Excel’s More Stable Alternative To OFFSET [VIDEO]

Back in March I did a post on three marketing uses for the OFFSET function. But, truth be told, I avoid the OFFSET function like the plague. The reason is that it’s very unstable and can bring large Excel files to their knees. Why? Every time you modify the file the OFFSET function takes that as […]

Excel’s INDEX MATCH Alternative To VLOOKUP For Marketers [VIDEO]

Last week’s #FunctionFriday video tutorial covered VLOOKUP tips and techniques for marketers. This week’s video explores the INDEX MATCH alternative to VLOOKUP. Why would VLOOKUP need an understudy? Because VLOOKUPs require that the lookup column be the far-left column in your lookup data set (aka the table_array argument). The INDEX-MATCH dream team doesn’t have that […]

VLOOKUP Tips And Tricks For Marketers [VIDEO]

The VLOOKUP function in Excel is one of the most essential functions marketers need to master. It’s a staple in my tool set because it allows you to join any number of data sets, as long as they have one column in common. Sadly, as is the case with most really useful Excel techniques, it […]