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So I may or may not get a little animated when I talk about making data sexy …

Update: Seminar Coming Online

The Annielytics Dashboard Seminar will be coming to a living room near you soon and at a reduced price of $1295! This will include one year of access to the videos and an electronic copy of the workbook. If you’d like to be alerted when it is available, sign up here:

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What Is It?

The Annielytics Dashboard Seminar is a three-day seminar that will teach you how to leverage the Google Analytics API to create sexy reporting dashboards in Excel like the one below.

Annielytics Dashboard Seminar example dashboard

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It is a hands-on, soup-to-nuts training that delves into what to report on, how to dynamically pull the data straight into Excel, and how to create compelling visualizations in Excel using all kinds of Excel wizardry! And I teach the course using Excel 2013, 2011 (for Mac), and 2010. So no Mac users are left behind!

Learn more below …

Technical Details

I’ve found in my sojourn as a marketer that the bane of most marketers’ existence is proving the effectiveness of their work. I remember all too well in my early days as an in-house analyst the utter frustration of taking screenshots and exporting PDFs from Google Analytics (hey, don’t judge!) and trying to tell a story decision makers would find compelling. That frustration eventually hit a critical mass, leading me to read every Excel book I could get my hand on and watch every Excel video I could find on and YouTube to learn how to massage data and make it compelling. And dare I say sexy? Yes. Yes, I dare. :)

I’ve made it my mission to provide as many resources as is humanly possible for other marketers and analysts who face the same frustrations I have. Some of these include my Google Analytics campaign tagging guide, my Hundreds of Tools for Marketers resource, and my massive audit checklist doc. And my blog has also been recommended by Google itself as a useful resource for marketers and analysts.


Hear what others who have taken the course have to say about it …

Jessica ComminsDespite my love of data, I’m unable to quantify the immense value I derived from Annie’s Dashboard Course. As I write this, my copy of the course’s workbook is open next to me to help me apply yet another sexy technique to my workflow!

Jessica Commins
Executive Vice President of Operations


Victoria EdwardsAnnielytics is a PRO!!! I was so impressed with Annie’s Dashboard Seminar! Not only did I get a more in-depth knowledge about Excel, but gained way more insight on how to look at data. Whether you’re new to analytics or an old hat, this course is for you.

Victoria Edwards
Digital Content Strategist
Florida Blue

Video Walkthrough Of Template

Below is a video walkthrough of the template we’ll be building of the dashboard. It’s a bit busier than I would normally design, but I wanted to be able to demonstrate as many hot data visualization techniques as possible.

But enough jibberjash … Below are all the details about the course.


This seminar will be broken into three days. By the end of the third day you will have the skills necessary to take data from a Google Analytics account and build out a reporting dashboard that will update with a new month’s worth of data (or week or day) with minimal-to-no manual effort on your part. Imagine clicking a couple buttons and having all of your dashboard’s charts, tables, and graphs update automatically.

And I will teach you how to make your visualizations beautiful without being garish or distractingly busy. Although you aren’t going master all of the techniques I’ll demonstrate in a few days, you will have copious resources that you can refer back to at any time when you need to create visualizations on your own.

Here’s a breakdown what you will learn day by day:

Day 1

Day 1 will be broken into two sections:

Overview Of Google Analytics

You will not learn everything there is to know about Google Analytics in this course. That, in and of itself, couldn’t be taught in three days. However, by the end of this section you will be able to:

  • Identify KPIs that are common to most reporting dashboards marketers create
  • Leverage custom reports to sketch out your data pulls
  • Identify signs of sampling and the main causes of sampling (with ninja tricks on how to minimize it using the API on the third day)
  • Learn the biggest reporting faux pas, such as mixing the wrong dimensions and metrics (which Google Analytics will sometimes let you do without warning!)

How To Use The Google Analytics API

If you are creating your monthly reports for your boss or clients by going into the Google Analytics interface, running the reports you need, exporting them, assembling them in Excel, and then manually formatting them each month, you are literally wasting hundreds of hours each month (thousands if you’re an agency). The Google Analytics API will be your best friend by the end of the course.

I will be teaching you how to pull just the data you need right into Excel with a free add-in. I will also warn you of the pitfalls with this data and how to circumnavigate them. I will also give you the exact Excel formulas you will need to clean up some of the data that comes through mangled and unusable.

By the end of the day you will have pulled a number of reports from your own Google Analytics profile. But more importantly, you will have the ability to reverse engineer all of your favorite reports in Google Analytics so that you can apply everything you learn in the course to your own reporting dashboards.

Day 2

We will take a series of API exports and develop them into rich visualizations in Excel. By the end of the day you will learn how to:

  • Tightly organize the data in your dashboard
  • Create a blueprint for others to be able to easily find the data that feeds each of your visualizations
  • Interlink elements of your dashboard for ease of navigation
  • Choose which charts should be used for various types of data sets
  • Spice up tabular data (data in tables) to make it easier to interpret
  • Create visualizations that maintain best practices of data design
  • Align your dashboard design with your branding (including how to easily replicate these formats in all of your Excel docs across your entire company)
  • Create charts with varying depths of detail without overwhelming your dashboard recipients
  • Display month-over-month and year-over-year data in charts and tables
  • Organize complex data sets with pivot tables before charting them

Day 3

Day 3 will be the most fun because this is the day we will get into advanced data culling, cleanup, and charting techniques. I will also do a demonstration of what I believe to be the best paid Google Analytics API tool on the market. By the end of the day you will learn how to:

  • Clean up messy data from the API (mistagged campaigns, duplication due to inconsistent capitalization, misspellings, etc.)
  • Create interactive charts, such as scrolling charts for data that span years, radio buttons and checkboxes for data that can be turned off and on, and drop boxes that can control multiple charts at once (even an entire dashboard), etc.
  • Consolidate multiple data sets into one space on a dashboard using drop-downs
  • Create a branded navigation bar to split larger dashboards into multiple sheets without losing dashboard continuity
  • Avoid the need to manually select data ranges that vary in size from month to month using a combination of named ranges and dynamic formulas in Excel
  • Minimize (and potentially eradicate) sampling for enterprise sites
  • Dynamically pull data from Google Spreadsheets and databases into your reporting dashboard
  • Marry data from Google Analytics to data in a Google Spreadsheet and/or database


This three-day seminar is $1495 $1295 and includes one year of access to the videos and an electronic copy of the workbook. You will also walk away with a fully functional dashboard template that you will learn how to customize for your business.

Technical Details

Supported Excel Versions

Although the presentation will be done on a PC using Excel 2013, this course will accommodate both PC and Mac. But you must have at least Excel 2010 if you’re on a PC and Excel 2011 if you’re on a Mac. If you have an older version of Excel, download a free one-month trial before the course. (But please download it before you get to the class!)

API Requirements (Optional)

In order to use the Google Analytics plugins I will be demonstrating you will need Windows. So if you’re using a Mac laptop, you will need to have Parallels , VMware Fusion, or VirtualBox installed on your Mac to install the plugins I will be demonstrating.** But if you want to just check out the demonstrations but not follow along, you are more than welcome to do that. I will be providing a raw file with lots of ugly data that we will transform together!

Fine Print

There will be no refunds or exchanges for this course. Also, the cost of the course covers access for one person. Distribution of the workbook in any way is prohibited.


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