Breaking Up With Your Keyword Data

I couldn’t stay silent on this issue anymore. Every time I see an SEO report that includes things like year-over-year or month-over-month data broken down by keyword or non-branded organic traffic, I die a little inside. Why you ask? Because it’s junk data. There’s a concept that tethers statistical analysis called the representative sample. If […]

Take Credit Where Credit’s Due

Below is my presentation from SearchLove Boston. I talked about several ways marketers get ripped off from receiving credit that is due them because of damning errors in how their analytics data is being collected and reported on. And then I provide a few simple strategies on how to take that credit back. I also […]

Killer KPIs: Turning Data Into Gs

If you had the good fortune of attending the Interactivity Digital conference, here are the slides and links from my presentation. I talked about a handful of off-the-beaten-path KPIs you should be monitoring for both organic and paid campaigns. You can either access the links from within the presentation or get them from this bitly […]

Hundreds of Tools For Marketers

This isn’t new news by now, but I released a Google Doc with hundreds of tools that marketers can use. To make tools easier to find/use, I broke the doc down by task instead of the tools themselves. How It’s Organized The spreadsheet is broken into 14 categories: SEO Analysis Domain Links Keyword Competitive Analysis Tracking […]