Annielytics Dashboard Course (Online)

If you are a marketer who wants to learn more about how to work with Google Analytics and create sexy data in Excel using Google Analytics API data, you will love my Annielytics Dashboard Course video course. You will receive 16+ hours of training, a 142-page workbook, two starter dashboards that you can plug your data into (worth the cost of the course alone), a practice file you’ll use for the Excel training, 40+ additional resources linked to from the course, opportunities to join a small group for additional training, the option to order a personalized dashboard, etc. And instructions are given throughout the course for three different versions of Excel: 2010, 2013, and 2011 (for Mac). It’s basically everything I wish I had known when I started on my sojourn to learn to make data sexy!


Analytics Audits

Is your web analytics data reliable? Is your data clean? Are you measuring your efforts effectively? Google Analytics gives you many customization options to suit your company’s specific needs, which is terrific. The flip side of that is it’s really easy for companies to botch their data really badly with poorly executed customizations. For pricing and an outline of topics covered, visit my Analytics Audit page.

Site Audits

Anyone who has seen my free audit checklist or my $195 self-guided audit template knows I perform very comprehensive site audits. The checklist I work from is even more comprehensive than the one I provided for the marketing community. And they include an audit of your analytics data. Basically, I start from the checklist and follow the data, wherever my forensic analysis takes me.

One- and Two-Hour Hangouts

I also offer one- to two-hour consultations.  The way this works is you have an hour to two hours of my time to ask whatever you want. I’ve had clients ask about site audits, analytics questions, Excel questions, link building strategy, tools, workflow strategy, etc. If you’d like to pay for an extra hour for me to research anything ahead of time, you can purchase an extra hour. So, for example, if you wanted a two-hour hangout, you would just sign up and pay for a three-hour hangout. You can email me your questions ahead of time. Hangouts work out to $200/hr.

You can purchase a hangout now and sign up for an available slot automatically.

White-Labeled Services

Are you an agency or consultant with clients who need site and analytics audits? I provide white-labeled audits at a discounts. It’s your choice if you want to disclose I’m doing the work or not. Some do, some don’t. I will match my documents to align with your branding.


I’m booked and can’t take on new clients at this time. 


My area of emphasis is Google Analytics. It’s free, flexible, and ubiquitous.  I have provided many analytics resources for marketers, like my campaign tagging guide and a plethora of analytics-related blog posts. If I don’t know the answer to your question, I know people at Google who certainly will, like Analytics Evangelist for Google Justin Cutroni. And the Google Analytics team regularly shares my resources, like you can see here.

Each consulting engagement starts with a comprehensive analytics audit. From there, I will typically work with your team to come up with a campaign tagging strategy, to ensure your organization is effectively tracking your marketing efforts. The third month typically is devoted to pulling together a reporting dashboard using the Google Analytics API that focuses on your organization’s important key performance indicators (KPIs). Once your data is verified to be reporting properly, we focus on analyzing traffic and performance to get your data moving up and to the right.


I have helped everyone from Fortune 100 and 500 companies to small businesses hone their SEO strategies to edge out their competitors. My approach to SEO is uniquely data-driven, as you might imagine, if you know anything about my work.

All the data you need to know about your competitors’ vulnerabilities is available if you have the right tools and know the right questions to ask … and, of course, know how to cull out the actionable insights from the firehose of marketing data available. I’ve done that for other companies and can do it for yours.

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