Not Accepting New Clients (Sorry!)

I am not taking any new clients at this time. I will be transitioning from client work to training. This will include online video courses, seminars, and books. Eventually, I will also offer customized on-site training for marketing teams, but that probably won’t come until late 2014.


If you are a marketer who wants to learn more about how to work with Google Analytics and create sexy data in Excel using Google Analytics API data, you will love my Annielytics Dashboard Course video course. You will receive 16+ hours of training, a 142-page workbook, two starter dashboards that you can plug your data into (worth the cost of the course alone), a practice file you’ll use for the Excel training, 40+ additional resources linked to from the course, opportunities to join a small group for additional training, the option to order a personalized dashboard, etc. And instructions are given throughout the course for three different versions of Excel: 2010, 2013, and 2011 (for Mac). It’s basically everything I wish I had known when I started on my sojourn to learn to make data sexy!

Online Consultations

I also offer one- to two-hour consultations.  The way this works is you have an hour to two hours of my time to ask whatever you want. I’ve had clients ask about site audits, analytics questions, Excel questions, link building strategy, tools, workflow strategy, etc.

If you want to email me your questions ahead of time, that’s fine. But I don’t do prep work for these hangouts, unless you want to pay for an hour of consulting as well. My charge is $200/hr,  prepay only.

To inquire about a consultation, feel free to fill out the form below.

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This is not for a quick review of topics. This is specifically if there is something in your GA profile or site you want me to review before or after the hangout.