How To Create Internal Links in Excel


It’s safe to assume most people know how to create links in Excel that point to Web pages. Personally, I prefer to use the shortcut Ctr-K (Mac: Command-K), but you can also choose Hyperlink from the contextual menu. (Select the text or object and right-click it to get the contextual menu.)

However, Excel also offers the ability to create a link to another place in the workbook you’re working in — or even another workbook but in most cases that’s not a good idea. However, the ability to create links to other locations in your current document is a great asset when you’re creating a dashboard, especially. You can add links from the worksheet with the dashboard to other places in the document, like you can see in the image below.

internal links in Excel
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How To

To create an internal link on a PC, choose Link to > Place in this document. On a Mac, choose Document > Anchor > Locate. In both cases you can type in a specific cell reference (e.g., Sales!$K6) or choose a worksheet from a list.

Learn More

Learn more about how to work with hyperlinks on a PC or Mac from the Microsoft site.

To learn how to utilize internal linking in Excel dashboards — and much more — check out my Annielytics Dashboard Course.

Photo by Matti Mattila

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