Hundreds of Tools For Marketers

hundreds of marketing tools

This isn’t new news by now, but I released a Google Doc with hundreds of tools that marketers can use. To make tools easier to find/use, I broke the doc down by task instead of the tools themselves.

How It’s Organized

The spreadsheet is broken into 14 categories:

  • SEO Analysis
  • Domain
  • Links
  • Keyword
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Tracking
  • Social Media
  • Spam/Hacking
  • Structured Markup
  • Developer
  • Data Visualization Tools
  • Data Sources
  • Infographic Submission Sites
  • Misc Efficiency Tools

The Doc

Learn More

To learn how to put some of these tools to good use, check out my DIY Site Audit Template, a 156-page document with 167 checkpoints and 100+ images that will have you doing site audits like a pro.


  1. Charles Floate says

    As Darren said – HOLY SHIT, you have a lot of time on your hands and a lot of experience in the online marketing industry.. Touche Salesman, Touche.

  2. Raviraj Tak says

    The tool looks promising and got the file downloaded and looking forward to it.

    Thanks for all the information Annie Cushing.

  3. says

    Thanks! This list is awesome, I don’t think I have ever seen a better list and certainly not one so well organized. This will certainly be a go to guide.


  4. says

    @anniecushing:disqus Really If the guy like @randfish:disqus is going to say you thanks than it surely means that you did great great job to have it.
    Heads off-Really a great effort.
    When I first read your post I see nothing like here but seeing MR RAND at top,I think there shall surely be something worth reading.
    Click Google Doc and see a miracle collection of what every SEO professional needs.

  5. Hayden Williams says

    It will take me a lot of time to read and digest this enormous resource list. I hope that I can make good use of it, before it swallows my time. Thank You so very much for the time in researching and laying it out.

  6. says

    It is What i am looking for , A Complete Set of amazing tools in One Place, Immense Resources,well organized and easy to use, Many Thanks for sharing it Annie.

  7. Sam says

    Dear Annie!! Extraordinary work with lots of research as per SEO concern
    you have done a great job to pull all the tools in one place..
    Amazing….. Thanks a lot !!!!

  8. Ovidiu Bestea says

    Hi, Annie, besides providing such a comprehensive list, I’m glad you mentioned the fact that you kept the color-code of “red” for the tools that you can’t live without. Such a big list is a real help for everyone, but more helpful is the fact that you transmitted your experience with some of those tools by mentioning your preferred ones. I would like to add the FireFox add-on “SEO quake”.

  9. Bill Taylor says

    Great stuff Annie, you just became my favorite SEO. I was looking for the Tab “Hacks of Google Algorithm” thats all I can see thats missing.

  10. Romeo Chalfoun says

    That’s an intense list! Can you suggest a spreadsheet or something for organizing SEO tasks?
    Thanks again for an awesome spreadsheet :)

  11. Muhd Tahir Ahmad says

    kool kollection!

    Any Traffic Tool (to peep the traffic of competitor’s site? (apart from

  12. MadStudent says

    Annie this is my first time to your site.I am a new entrepreneur in seo.Your guidance is must for me.Your checklist is awesome.From today i will your reader.Thank you very much

  13. John Theofilis says

    Amazing resources Annie. Thanks for taking the time to put these together. A tremendous help to online marketers of all levels.

  14. says

    Hello Annie,

    There is no doubt that no internet marketer runs his campaigns without tracking & Analysis tools & all marketers not in the situation to purchase top recommended tools for this.

    We can understand how much efforts in terms money, time, labour you put into this 5 mnt. HATS off to you Annie for this work.

    Keep this up.

  15. says

    Thank you. Great work. Could you shed some light on a percentage of impact using these has on your visitors ? And how often do you use each of these ? I’d be curios to know if a “full run” of these tools do not take more then 24 hours :)

  16. Jatin Chhabra says

    Hi Annie, Things which I loved apart from the awesome list which you have shared, that you replied on all the answers. Well first of all thank you for sharing such a useful list as my experience in the field of digital marketing has shown that people don’t like to share too much. Would like ask a question. I have just started my digital marketing firm (Hospitality industry) and I’m a bit confused that whether I should go for courses provided by Moz or Qucksproud, as I’m still in training mode and the the projects which I have picked are financed by me.

    • says

      Hi Jatin,

      First, my commenters are my special guests. I try really hard to stay on top of replying. :)

      If you’re looking for courses, the best source I’d recommend is Distilled U. Very affordable and lots of great courses to go through at your own pace. Moz is very good for tools, Q&A, and connecting with the community though.

      Good luck!

  17. Jessica Martin says

    Superb Job Annie….. I really appreciate your ………. Love this Post as it saves my lots of time …… looking forward for your amazing posts ……. nd will definately share it with all my buddies !!! ……….. Appreciate Your Work

  18. Jimm Burton says

    Wow, what a library of useful links. I haven’t tried them all, but what I have tried has great value. Thank you.

  19. Ruth Leslie says

    I came here to get some insight on analyzing my competitors web traffic…but ended up shopping for shoes. Wonder how that happened? I must be susceptible to advertising.

  20. jennifer grey says

    I Think This is fantabulastic. I never seen some one has shared his hard work on internet. Thanks To you. I am a beginner in internet marketing programmer. this will help me so much for my carrier growth.

    One More Think How To download this data On my Computer.

  21. Ashutosh R says

    Many thanks! I was planning to create a file/list of all usable SEO tools from quite a good amount of time. (Y)

  22. Lee J Tyler says

    This is an incredible toolbox that you have put together and shared so generously, Annie. I used some of the webmaster tools, beyond the ones we all use, to help clean up my site after a major hacking attack. I am signing up for your newsletter as well. Whatever you write, if it’s just about one field in the sheets, will be gold. Looking forward to it!

  23. Toby says

    Hey Anni,

    On your ‘Web Scraping for Code-ophobes’ on SlideShare it points us to your Google Doc that has your xpath configurations ( But this doesn’t exist anymore, or it requires approval.

    Is this hosted anywhere? I had a look at this document but couldn’t find anything.


  24. says

    Hi Annie, hope you are doing good.

    I have an habit of bookmarking useful free resources online. My friend Rajesh(an Digital marketing expert from suggested annielytics, which is a great resource for marketers. It would be great if you share the plan behind making this doc so interactive & parellely well organised.

    Thanks in advance,
    Keep going

    • Annie Cushing says

      No plans to make it interactive. The time I’ve already spent on these interactive docs has cost me thousands of dollars. If someone wants to volunteer time to make it interactive, I’m all for that though!

  25. says

    Thanks for sharing this amazing tools with us. You’ve been helping many web marketers including me. My team had a list of these tools from your spreadsheet and it was really reliable. thanks for sharing it freely with us!

  26. says

    I hate to be big dummy but I don’t see TOOLS > NOTIFICATION.
    I logged in and went to my google drive but I did not see the file there. I tried looking at drive in the new view and in the old view, and I did not see it in either view. I hope I’m not doing something wrong.

    • Annie Cushing says

      Sorry for the horrifically late response! I didn’t realize I wasn’t receiving comment alerts. :/

      But you’re not a dummy at all! Google has a limit on how many people can receive notifications, and we reached that a long time ago. :(

  27. says

    Hi Annie,

    It’s such a wonderful collection of tools and it’ll be very helpful for digital marketers like me. Right now, My drive gets more value through your tools. Thanks for the valuable collection.

    • Annie Cushing says

      Sorry for the horrifically late response! I didn’t realize I wasn’t receiving comment alerts. :/

      But you’re very welcome! I’m glad my tools make your job a little easier. :)

  28. says

    Please provide an alternate download. Primitive and old-worldly as it may be, a lot of companies block Google, Dropbox, etc. Nastygrams result in even trying to access such resources.

  29. says

    Hi, nice, but I am not satisfied with form of your document. It is scrolling slow and it is not usable for me. Can you upload better version, maybe PDF? Thx Filip

  30. says

    This is an amazingly thorough document! I am attending Full Sail University for Internet Marketing and came upon your site sifting through various articles during the Advanced SEO course. My classmates will be oh so thankful for this list! Many blessings and many thanks for taking the time to put this all together!

  31. Tom Lahey says

    First, I love your list, its fantastic!!
    I am always confused about posts especially long ones. Is it better to have the most recent ones first. Otherwise people see it and think its a old post and also more recent info is usually better. I love to read comments because they often have great additional info, but sometimes they are so long I just skim.

    I am also working on a list of lists and a bit more for SEO resources, its really so helpful when people publish info like this. I really wish more people did. However, I can see how much time it must take….

    Thanks again.

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